On any given weekend, you can pack your bags or even day bag and head out to one of the many stunning destinations all within a few hours of Campbell California. We sure are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful stretches of California, so start checking these vacation destinations off your list this summer!  

Big Basin

“Imagine a time when the whole peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose shall become one great city; then picture, at its very doorstep, this magnificent domain of redwood forests and running streams, the breathing place of millions of cramped and crowded denizens of the city.”

             – Carrie Stevens Walter, Sempervirens Club, 1901

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can hop in your car and be among the Redwoods in less than an hour.  Delight in the sense of wonder as you step out into the Redwood groves that are known as the oldest living trees in the world. In fact, Big Basin State Park is the oldest state park in California. It’s a perfect quick trip to an incredible destination where you can camp, hike, and take in the glory of California.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a sleepy little beach town on the central coast known for its long wharf filled with eateries and shops. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s vintage rides include the 1911 Looff Carousel and Giant Dipper roller coaster! Its downtown is filled with vintage clothing stores where you can find thrift treasures.  Stop into one of the many galleries on your way to the Natural Bridges State Beach renowned for its unique bridge-shaped rock formation.


Just an additional hour drive south of Santa Cruz on Highway 1, you’ll find Monterey and Carmel.  Wrapped by the Pacific on three sides, the Monterey Peninsula offers impeccable wind-tossed beaches, quiet coves, and unrivaled small-town eateries. One of Monterey’s

 Make your way to neighboring Monterey and you’ll find a world-class interactive Monterey Bay Aquarium that will have you feeling like you’re in an underwater alien planet!  The best thing about the Monterey Peninsula is that you can enjoy anything from luxury digs and exquisite food to camping and scuba diving.  Carmel is known for its fairytale cottages and village-like atmosphere. Whichever route you choose, you will not be disappointed by the breathtaking stretch of Pacific Coast.  

Napa Valley

Everyone knows Napa Valley as the premiere wine destination in the country, but few are so lucky to have it virtually in their backyard.  In just under two hours, you can be standing in one of the world’s best vineyards while you sip a chilled Sauvignon Blanc directly from the source, and the food — to die for.  Napa offers everything from high end luxury to ranch-style digs for visitors, and, with over 400 wineries in Napa Valley, your most difficult decision will likely be where to start tasting.  Most Napa experts recommend trying a mix of classic wineries and unique spots. Most local inns and resorts will have organized tours and recommendations to aid you in your wine adventures.  Happy wining and dining!